Create your personal Web hosting 3

Up to now we have an inexpensive system that can answer to http request.

But the ip we use, is a private one (means it start by 192.168.*). And I’m quite sure that a thousand persons worldwide use the same private. It’s not a problem as far as your using it in your private area, but if you want everybody to access from Internet to your Olimex Box, you have to find a solution.

The only device that have a public adress is your Box, and when any of your device wants to communicate, the Box forward the trafic to your device, and replace its adress by the private one.

So you are facing several problems, and solution might depending on your internet provider.

But you must do theses steps:

ensure that your web server has always the same Ip (private IP). It will help to always have the same rule to


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