How to correctly set up a toolchain

Creating a tool-chain on you PC to compile for ARM, can a good idea and so for several reasons:

  • Your PC is far faster than your Box, and then you can compile all the system in several minutes whereas you would need more than half an hour.
  • You can easily automatize a night build with the latest source to test

But it is not so easy:

You have to compile for a processor than is not necessary yours (from Intel to ARM or GPU for instance) and you would also need to install native library. In this case you have to have your native libraries ans those for the ARM. In this case you cannot use package to install library, you have to do it « by hand »

To easily set up a toolchain you have to:

Install a gcc compiler for ARM. There’s a good version embedded in Ubuntu, and this is the easier part:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp

For cross library like libc (which is the most important library for compilation)

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