How to easily create a rootfs for A20

git clone or wget 
cd olinuxino-lfs//system/rootfs/

One of the most difficult problem is to create a linux rootfs. Indeed, as we use a specific target board, it can be difficult to have an up to date system.

Nevertheless I’ve found a command that can automaticly creates a  debian rootfs.

Easy way to create:
In a Xterm do:

cd system/rootfs/

Wait a while and after that a full debian wheezy rootfs will be created.

This script uses a verify useful command named debootstrap. This command will download the debian filesyem for wheezy with armhf (arm hard float, that means we have a float processor).

Problem is that this root filesystem is an « original version » that can be older than one year.

That the reason why I created a second script named

This script is called by generate in a chroot (it means that we executes the command in closed environment, the one we created with deboostrap). The ails of this script is to add deb repository, updates packages with apt and then configures statically networks interface.

Now the next step to have a fully functional environment is to :

  • add a specific kernel binary for A20.
  • configures and adds specific modules and library for A20 to enable and enhances performance.

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